Essay deforestation causes a lot of environmental problems

Ozone layer is the thin shield high up in the sky that stops ultra violet rays from reaching the earth. It occurs due to several factors; the industrial wastes dumped into the rivers and other water bodies cause an imbalance in the water leading to its severe contamination and death of aquatic species.

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As carbon dioxide accrues, it produces a layer in the atmosphere that traps radiation from the sun. Forests are stores of carbon and can be either sinks or sources depending upon environmental circumstances.

Forests help us combat pollution in many ways. Other plants remove carbon in the form of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during the process of photosynthesis and release oxygen back into the atmosphere during normal respiration. Whenever any plant is cut, there should be rules for replanting the plants in the place of old one.


Deforestation in this part of the world is on the rise; its full effects on its agriculture replacement are unknown but anticipated. It also affects the astronomical observations and activities by making the stars almost invisible.

By simply decreasing the rate at which deforestation is occurring, the rate of greenhouse gas emissions could be greatly reduced and lead to a healthier and safer environment for all species on planet Earth. Deforestation is very necessary stop in order to run the life as usual in better way.

However the burning is less preferred to logging, the technique of logging is detrimental to the environment this method results in the damage of almost twice the volume of trees being harvested, not only by increasing CO2 levels also by increasing susceptibility to fire.

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The rural area is partly responsible for the deforestation of the forests of India, as they are sometimes desperate to clear the forests for their own survival.

Deforestation Essay 1 words Deforestation is the removal of forests on a big level by cutting down plants or burning of forests for fulfilling the personal needs.

Essay deforestation causes a lot of environmental problems Montgomery County looking for someone to write my term paper on religious studies th Street, West zipneed someone to type my dissertation introduction on architecture asap E th Street zip some latest essay topics lab report Suffolk County benefits of social media argumentative essay, Stuyvesant Loop W zipmake thesis proposal on life sentence please W 97th Street zipFreedom Place zip Drugan explains that when soil erosion begins it usually proceeds at much faster rate than soil creation, there by leading to a long term net loss of soil, soil erosion is a physical phenomenon of the soil surface which has economic effects both on upstream soil quality thus on the yields and on the amount of water way sediment water and habitat quality.

Deforestation Essay 6 words Deforestation is the permanent destruction of the forests in order to enhance sources for life and use of woods. Using fewer plastics would help in controlling plastic pollution.

Saving forests and plants is in our own hand and only a small step from the end of us all may show a big result towards stopping deforestation. This lack of food and water can be detrimental to species survival.

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Without air and water the earth would be like the other planets — no man, no animals, no plants. Deforestation Essay 2 words Deforestation is arising as the major global problem to the society and environment.

Central Islip campus W th Street zip Besides, the cultivable area was so small and deficient, that the villagers thought it best to clear large areas of forests to meet their demands.

The human population is increasing at a fast rate and to meet their daily consumption forests and trees are being cut down.

Doing business for profit is the motto of many corporates. Atmosphere CO2 Emissions Deforestation is one of the hidden cause of global warming and one of the factors contributing to the greenhouse effect, Daniel Howden, The major effects of deforestation are on four important areas, which are vital to the existence of life on earth.

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In order to reduce the congestion in the urban areas, various infrastructures are developed along the fringes of the cities to divert the population. Deforestation causes carbon dioxide to linger in the atmosphere. The government of every country should implement strict laws for industries that inhibit the release of the toxic wastes and proper waste management.

Almost all of our gains in the fields of industrial progress, science and technology had so far been realized at the cost of our health.Deforestation: Causes, Effects and Control Strategies 5 deforestation are maintained. Indeed some 31 countries do not even make the list because.

Essay on Deforestation: Meaning, Causes and Effects

Mar 11,  · Causes of Deforestation Essay. cause a lot of deforestation. Some of the resources we use are the trees it self for wood and also the certain foods it produces. Malaria is a disease. It is an illness that causes fevers by an organism. Major Environmental Problems in the North Eastern India: Possible Legal and Non-Legal Solutions.

Deforestation is arising as the main environmental and social issue which has now taken the form of more than a powerful demon. We must know about the causes, effects and ways to solve the problems arisen because of the deforestation.

Deforestation brings about a lot of unexpected effects on the earth and results in many negative consequences. "If the current rate of deforestation continues, the world's rain forests will vanish within years-causing unknown effects on global climate and eliminating the majority of plant and animal species on the planet," according to.

Although deforestation is an important source to produce different kind of items, it causes a lot of environmental troubles. Hence, there are both positives and negatives in logging, but I believe Deforestation caused by human activity is happening in many parts of the world, with serious results for the environment.

The first part contains a detailed explanation of a specific environmental problem which in this case is deforestation explored though the areas interconnectedness with Biodiversity and Conservation Biology as well as the area of Soil and Agriculture.

Essay deforestation causes a lot of environmental problems
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