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She was responsible for developing the licensing and compliance regime and subsequent regulations, and had open communication channels to government and APRA.

Hamilton appoints O’Donohoe to Lloyd’s role

Using a worldwide broker network, Sportscover specialises in accident, liability, property, contingency and travel insurances for sport and leisure.

Our email alert signup form has been configured to work with most browsers, but if you're having any trouble signing up, please email your details to us at wendy. The plan focused on four key areas: The first event was something that has been occurring for a number of years and that has been the increase in public liability claims.

We provide invaluable help in the event of a claim. A new director, Eric Lowenstein Tegojoined the board. InUAC created a three-year strategic plan, which was based on responses from members to a survey conducted during the renewals. She was responsible for developing the licensing and compliance regime and subsequent regulations, and had open communication channels to government and APRA.

A second submission was prepared and presented to Treasury and was followed by more lobbying. Brendan Collins — Quality Health Clear advice, good options, timely responses: Yes there are a few issues; one is the united approach to the whole issue of the codes of practice or risk management.

We make choosing an insurance policy easy, by providing an expert, tailored service to equip you with the right policies for your business and minimise your risk. Having all our insurance needs catered for by one organisation provides me with peace of mind and ensures that costs are kept to a minimum.

Receive Email Updates Please note that email alerts of new content on this website are usually distributed at Greg Thompson was invited to join as an associate director. Heath Amber stepped down as chair, but remained on the board. The team have always done what they can to assist our company with our required insurance needs and in some cases going over and beyond what they would normally be required to do.

In May, UAC launched a new logo as part of a rebranding exercise. We know and understand the system and can simplify a process this is often time-consuming and technically difficult.

UAC appointed specialist professional risks broker MegaCapital as its business partner offering members a professional indemnity program.

Kevin Corkery and Frank van Rooy were elected associate directors. First of all, Chris if you could give us an outline of who you are, what your position with Sports Cover is as a company and what it does.

UAC prepared a licensing kit for agencies, which helped members secure their licences. Save you time and money by managing your insurance needs Recommend appropriate insurers to match your business needs Eliminate the need for you to conduct product comparison shopping Respond promptly to all your requests Keep you informed of issues that may affect your business needs Provide claims support when you need it most As members of the National Insurance Brokers Association we are government by the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice.

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Kevin Corkery was elevated to director. If there is any change to these terms, we will confirm them to you in writing. In doing so, that meant there was a hell of a lot less insurance to go around because the insurance companies can only take on as much insurance as they have actually got capital for.

Look hopefully it will take away a number of these silly little claims that we receive, one of the issues that has been killing small clubs is the premiums are so small that any incident that occurs sportscover underwriting australia results in someone you know issuing a writ, those incidents will cost several thousand dollars because of the investigation that needs to take place prior to the appointment of the solicitors to deal with it, even if it is found that the insured might be, you know not guilty or not negligent, in what is taking place that money is still sitting there.

I think it is definitely a step in the right direction to help a number of these, smaller clubs where people are expected to try and be effectively Risk Management experts it will give them the knowledge without having to go and become a risk management experts or to effectively create them into that then that will allow them to liaise with their municipal authority if they are hiring facilities or even just provide a much safer environment for their students.

Adrian Humphreys remained an associate director. It is an unfortunate situation that we found ourselves in where we have got a number of what we would consider you know just basic community groups, struggling to get insurance and you know the government in Victoria had to jump in and actually bail out a number of these groups, through an Association that they set up.

Chris Harnett was appointed secretary and public officer. John Iles and Damien Coates were elected associate directors.

When you look at some of these community groups that have had to close up because of insurance problems that is a possibility is it not?About us.

SportsCover Direct was established with the aim of offering comprehensive, specialist and unique insurance products to those involved in the sports and leisure activities. Page 5 SCA_Voluntary_Workers_Policy_Wording_ General Insurance Code of Practice Sportscover Australia and Underwriters at Lloyd’s are proud supporters of the General Insurance Code.

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The Underwriting Agencies Council (UAC) was formed in July by six agency heads who were concerned about the ramifications of legislative change on the future of underwriting agencies in Australia.

The inaugural Insurance Business Awards will bring together industry leaders to celebrate excellence in the insurance profession, recognising leading brokers, brokerage businesses, insurers and underwriting agencies in Australia for their contribution to the industry over the past 12 months.

Sportscover continues sports services expansion with launch of Sportscover Vital. Sportscover is continuing its expansion into providing a wide range of sports services by introducing a new risk management and communication tool for all sports teams, clubs and associations.

Simultaneously, I am working with the marketing team at the international sports Insurance Company, Sportscover. I plan to gain knowledge and an understanding from these avenues before moving into more senior roles in the Australian Taekwondo Athlete.

Sportscover underwriting australia
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