Threaded fasteners

Tap-End Stud Tap-end studs have a short thread on one end and a longer threaded end on the other. The same goes for the size of the fastener. National Rivet produces both internally threaded rivets and externally threaded fasteners. If your design calls for a multiple thread fastener, a single threaded one will not do.

Since the stress area is less than the cross- sectional area of a normal non-reduced shank, the exposed threads are usually the most critically loaded part of the assembly - this is why failure of threaded joints occurs most commonly close to the nut face.

Lag bolts are usually used with an expanding insert called a lag in masonry or concrete walls, the lag manufactured with a hard metal jacket that bites into the sides of the drilled hole, and the inner metal in the lag being a softer alloy of lead, or zinc alloyed with soft iron.

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Browse our entire selection of pin fasteners. Coarse-threaded fasteners exhibit higher stripping strengths; i. It consists of a fully threaded shaft, held by threads tapped in the hole in which it is screwed.

It was introduced as a "pinched point" or cold forged self-drill, offering the benefits of a decrease in the overall time and cost of installing the fastener. The diameter of drywall screw threads is larger than the grip diameter. Pin Fastener A pin fastener is a steel pin, which is usually cylindrical.

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Choose Finish According to Function Settle on a finish for your fastener after your provider studies your requirement. The points are numbered from 1 through 5, the larger the number, the thicker metal it can go through without a pilot hole.

Concentricity - The condition in which two fastener surfaces share the same center. A hanger bolt is used when it is necessary to fasten a metal part to a wood surface.

These screws are most frequently used in applications where the screw is used to control fine motion of an object. Stainless steel shoulder screws are used with linear motion devices such as bearings, as guides and as pivots in electronic and other critical mechanical applications.

Dowel Pin Dowel pins are solid cylindrical rods cut into small lengths, used for many different applications. The ubiquitous socket headed setscrew shown here is tightened by a hexagon wrench rather than by a spanner. You need to choose the finish hardness according to your product design; make sure that the metal grade and gauge thickness is the same as your application.

Threaded Rod All thread available in Various Materials Threaded Rods are long rods much like the threaded portion of a bolt, but are commonly much larger and do not feature a head. Other Varieties Snap Fastener Snap fasteners, also known as press studs, poppers or snaps, are used in place of buttons to fasten items like clothing.

Non-Threaded Fasteners Non-threaded fasteners do not contain threads.

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More information on metric sizing and their equivalence to inch-based fasteners is discussed here. Washers and springs can be added to the assembly for added features or functionality, such as turning the stud into a captive screw to prevent it from becoming lost.

There are also a couple diagrams and tables at bottom to cement your understanding of the elements which determine threading. The United States government has standards related to fastener characteristics like thread quality coarse thread vs.

Most retaining rings need a groove to seal them into position, so they are stamped both internally and externally. Joint - The materials that fasteners have connected together. The head of this type of screw is impossible to reverse.

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The 60o thread form is not suitable for power screws which transform motion and which therefore must have high efficiency.Stainless steel fasteners for wood construction.

Browse our collection of stainless steel nuts, bolts and threaded rod. We also have a full collection of joist hangers, straps and connectors, perfect for building decks, docks and more.

A wood screw: a) head; b) not threaded shank; c) threaded shank; d) tip. A screw will usually have a head on one end that contains a specially formed shape that allows it to be turned, or driven, with a tools for driving screws include screwdrivers and head is usually larger than the body of the screw, which keeps the.

Threaded Fasteners and Rivets. Threaded rivets and fasteners are practical, effective and sometimes the only method for creating a load-bearing thread on metal too thin to tap, or on material that is difficult to tap, such as plastics or composites.

Threaded Rod All thread available in Various Materials. Threaded Rods are long rods much like the threaded portion of a bolt, but are commonly much larger and do not feature a head. Starting on this page you will be able to browse through our products.

Our main commodities include Flange Bolts & Nuts, Grade 8 Flat Washers, Thick Fender Washers, & #3 Dome Head Plow Bolts. Apr 06,  · At Armafix we stock a comprehensive range of threaded fasteners from socket screws through to nuts and washers.

We know fasteners are one of the most popular fixings for the construction and engineering industries, which is why we’re sure you’ll find everything you need in our range.

Threaded fasteners
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