When writing an email what is cc

Here you put a list of e-mail addresses you want to get a copy. It's mainly for people that do not need to act or reply to the message, but to keep them informed.

The Cc or carbon copy field is for people you want to know about the message, but are not directly involved. Again we were not given the rubric we were asked to create rubrics that aligned from K It keeps other people "in the loop" on certain issues often used to keep managers up to date on issues.

Tom was sure his leg was broken and there was no way he could climb out of the well. Do you need any further information?

CC vs BCC: Learn the difference between these two email fields

Later, when copies were easily made by the new Xerox machine, carbon copies were obsolete. It is used when you want to send the same message to multiple people. Make sure you update the path to the. What does cc mean in an email? The To field is for people that the message directly affects, and that you require action from.

People required to take action Cc Kept informed of the content, but no actions required from them Bcc Receive the message without any of the other recipients knowing. This would also mean that you need to have.

Please share your ideas and favorite resources. This lets the others know who is involved in the conversation. Other interesting features that can be found in CMail are sending the whole directory content based on wildcard attachment and delivery status notification.

Is too much money spent on hosting the Olympics? The copy cc that someone would receive was literally a carbon copy of the original document or writing. Write a pretend letter to them telling them how you have progressed.

Our district has not adopted a writing curriculum and we have no updated materials or Common Core rubrics. No, it was still "cc" for "carbon copy". With a deep breath and a quick prayer, he flicked open his mobile phone.

7 Command Line Utilities to Easily Send Email Using SMTP

Just please give credit to WritingPrompts. What we were using before was so general that I feel like these make it much more clear and easy to break down each part of the writing. You would put two pieces of paper in a typewriter at the same time, with a piece of carbon paper in between.

You can never have too many resources, right? Where do our thoughts come from? What problems might this cause?

We didn't have much training and we were kind of thrown into it! Of course, you can continue to BCC Jake on future emails or forward him a copy of the reply.

However, people are much more likely to receive all replies in an email thread if you CC them. Third party backup software also normally has at least an email notification feature where you can set it up to automatically email you when the backup process has completed or failed.

Do unborn babies get bored in the womb? This is what we came up with. I feel like an old timer knowing this, but it stands for Carbon Copy. I know some states do not follow them, but we began our journey about 3 years ago.

No, it was still "cc" for "carbon copy". For those of you born after the 's, the term "Carbon Copy" comes from when typewriters were used to write letters.CC or cc entry from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

CC or cc may refer to: Cubic centimetre, a unit of volume equivalent to a millilitre and often associated with.

EvCC Strategic Goals Advising. Advising is mandatory for all new degree seeking students. There are a few palmolive2day.com can come in and see us during our walk-in hours in Rainier Hall Know the Difference Between "To" and "CC" in an Email. knowing the difference between "To" and "CC." Email Writing Values: Make It Easy to Act On.

Jan 06,  · When writing an email Cc: means Carbon Copy. When you enter an email address there, that email is sent to the original recipients that you put on the top and then it also sends a copy to the email you put on the Cc: palmolive2day.com: Resolved.

What does cc stand for in email?

Email has replaced snail mail for a great many business and personal communications. To send the best emails, you need to be aware of a few rules. WRITING AN INFORMAL E-MAIL or LETTER - 2 - palmolive2day.com * We begin an e-mail or letter with the palmolive2day.com begin letters with Dear(we use a comma, not a colon (:)).

When writing an email what is cc
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